would you rather

January 5, 2010

Would you rather go skydiving or scuba diving? Why?

For me, I would rather go skydiving.. I know with scuba diving you can see some awesome stuff that would probably blow my mind.. but there’s something about the rush of skydiving that I just cant get over until I actually do it myself.


4 Responses to “would you rather”

  1. Robbs said

    Um… Scuba Diving, because I love the ocean. Like a whole lot, plu I always wanted to be a mermaid. haha. I hate the feeling of falling, and I am afraid of heights. I might go sky diving just to get over that fear. 🙂

  2. Skydiving for sure. We should go sometime.

  3. racheltaylor2 said

    Much rather go scuba diving. I do not like heights in the least and figure I won’t until I get to heaven. Plus I would love to meet Spongebob.

  4. Guy Walker said

    Base Jumping!!!!

    I have done the other two. Scuba was more enjoyable and equally expensive lol.

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