Well today was the day. December 28 was my dad’s funeral. I have barely had a chance to even stop and breathe these past few days. There is so much involved in planning that I dont even think I could really even start to grieve until today. My dad was a good man and even though we didn’t have the best relationship in the world, I now realize what a blessing he was to everyone around him.

I want to thank my friends from the bottom of my heart. I have had so many phone calls/texts/facebook comments from you guys and I want you to know that I appreciate them so much. It is so comforting to know that I have your support and your prayers. I want to give a special thank you to Jenifer. Thank you so much for being there for me. You said you would be there if I ever needed you, and today I needed you. I dont think you will ever really understand what that meant to me.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it takes a certain event happening to bring people closer together? That’s definitely how this has been for me. My family has come together and we are as solid a a rock. My friends have given me so much support that I can barely even believe it. It’s hard to believe how built up I am because of you guys. Thank you so much.

Where do I go from here? Who knows. But I do know that I will have your love and support with me.


hospitals and hand grenades

December 24, 2009

Rest in peace Billy Clayton Burton. April 12, 1961 – December 23, 2009. You were more of a father than a son could ever dream of having.

Well life has been kind of rough these past few days. On Monday I got a call from my family saying that my dad had gone into the ICU and that he wasn’t doing too well. (For those of you who don’t know, my dad had been having health problems on and off for the past year.)

So for the past 3 days I had been (more or less) living at the hospital.. even sleeping there. We got some pretty bad news this morning that my dad wasn’t getting any better. The doctors had done everything they could do and my dad was just not recovering from his sickness. We had some tough decisions to make as a family, but we decided that it was best to back him off of life support and let him start celebrating his life with Jesus in heaven.

It’s crazy how being at a hospital and dealing with this stuff with my dad has made me feel like a hand grenade has gone off in my life. I feel like I’ve been blown apart and scattered across the ground like schrapnel. My family is strong and that’s a good thing. We are pulling together and trusting in the Lord.

I know that my dad’s life was a testimony to God’s goodness. He loved us more than we know and he had sacrificed so much so that we could have everything we ever wanted. I hope when I grow up that I am able to give even a portion of what he has given to everyone that was around him. I am so happy that he has gone to a better place, but this is going to be the toughest thing I’ve ever been through.

I just want to say that I appreciate everyone who is keeping my family in your prayers. We love you so much for all the support you have been and are giving to me and my family.